Mantra Monday

Happy Mantra Monday! All through January we're talking about what inspires us, and I'm sharing a few of the "mantras" that are encouraging me to make this year amazing! Need to catch up on the last few? Click Here and Here!
The moment I came across this list of things to pursue in the new year, I knew it needed to be shared with you also! What a great way to live...choosing to add memories, not things, and finding beauty in simplicity. Living in the moment is also mentioned, and that's something that's been on my mind throughout the last few months, as schedules get busy, and being the planning type, I oftentimes find myself thinking about the upcoming events, the to-do lists, and the details that need to be figured out, and in all of this, it's easy to forget to enjoy the present. It's often said that each moment is a gift, that's why it's called the present, but how often have you found yourself in the same situation as me, forgetting to live in the moment? We tend to have this mentality that there is some admirable quality in being busy, and it's better to be running from this to that, cramming our schedules until they are a blurred mess of appointments and events. Somehow we've gotten to the point where free time is looked down upon as laziness, and a moment enjoyed is a moment wasted; however, I think it would do us some good as a people to take time to cut the harried running around, and the constant stream of social media and to just take a moment to live. Leave your phone behind, shut off the radio, and be present. Invest in some time to think, be with friends and texting or Instagram, be with family, get connected to others in real life, treat yourself to a bit of time to actually enjoy life. This is what it means to live. Take a deep breath, and realize the fact that you're on this earth to make a difference, not a schedule. When we stop the glorification of "busy", we start to see the beauty in simplicity, we start to live in the moment, we strive for contentment, and begin to dream bigger. This week, give yourself a bit of time to enjoy the moment and dream. Forget the schedules for a moment, and live! Happy Monday!


A Silver Snapshot said...

I love it, Candice. Busy is an unfortunate trap we all fall into. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and smell the roses, per say. Happy Monday!

A Silver Snapshot

Candice said...

Thanks, Silver! I totally's always a good idea to slow down, enjoy and remember to live a little! :)

Julia D. said...

"You're on this earth to make a difference, not a schedule."

Yessssss. I do think sometimes we're busy more because of poor time management than overbooking. I like to remind myself that Einstein, Mother Teresa, Ghandi, and the likes all had the same amount of hours in the day as I do and so it is all about how you choose to spend your time.

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