Musings on A Monday

It's Monday and the beginnings of a good week! I hope you enjoyed your weekend, and are ready to tackle all that is in store for you in the upcoming days. I was able to work on a few projects and enjoy an early morning walk on the beach that ended nicely with a smoothie from a local place. It was so cool to have accomplished so much all before 10 am! The soft mist of the water meeting the sand was such a lovely backdrop for the seagulls that were eagerly searching for their breakfast. I find it so interesting that the sight of the rolling waves can be very calming. Perhaps it is the consistency of the chaotic, crashing water that we find so soothing.
"The Breakfast Club"
I love the ocean!

I think that one of the best parts of Mondays is the fact that it's a new canvas for us to color with the paint of daily life. The challenge for you and me today is to find a way to be creative with the day that God has given to us. Try and sneak in a bit of time to draw, write, paint or read! Thank God for the beautiful day he's given for you to enjoy and grow in!
Be creative; it's fun! God is an artist, so try emulating this quality and see what happens!

Blessings and Creativity,



a girl with a smile said...

I read today. it was marvelous.

Candice said...

Reading is such bliss!

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