A Cellular View

Warning: This is post is totally random, but it's a Monday...what do you expect? 
Anyways, carry on...

Here's a few snapshots of the week from the viewpoint of my cell phone's camera. 
(no judging the lack of quality in the images..I have an excuse, ok?) 

Vanilla Almond bubble tea is the nectar of the gods...ok not really, but it's one of my very favorite drinks EVER. I am definitely a happy camper if there's one in my hand. 

sweet little (actually not so much anymore) Tanner getting some sun

Moe's Mondays with friends is a definite tradition around here.
Come hang out with me on a Monday, I'll take you! :)

Last exam before summer...almost. finished. 
Faux frames make me feel smarter.

Summer makes me want to eat lots of fruit, and get in shape for the beach..
the blueberries have obviously been working out too...seriously,
I've never seen any so big before, have you? 

Here's to the start of a great week! 
Happy Monday, friends!



Marian said...

Those are some huge blueberries. I thought they may be olives at first. Nom nom!!

Nikki said...

Massive blueberries. I'll need to try that bubble tea if it's THAT good!

Mikelle Jade said...

mmmmm that drink look delicious :)

& agreed. Summer is a time for fresh fruit. I think I will go get blueberries after work tonight, yum!

Renee said...

love blueberries, yum! xo

pilgrimjamie said...

Haha, Faux frames! I'm such a sucker for that trend! And yuuuumm blueberries! This reminds me that I should find an excuse to go to sam's club and get their HUGE container! <3

Devea said...

That bubble tea just looks amazing. xo

Unknown said...

I still haven't tried bubble tea yet! I need to find a place in Vegas that sells it..

Unknown said...

Those blueberries look DELICIOUS- can you believe I JUST started liking them a few months ago. I slap my wrist.

Cindy S. - FashionsBeauty said...

My fav has to be chocolate bubble tea, I miss them! Need to get myself down chinatown xoxo


Sarah said...

I love bubble tea! It's everywhere here! Eep. I love chewing on 'em. Hehe. :) I'm glad you're almost through with your exams. You'll do just fine, sweetie! Have a lovely week ahead. :) You'll pull through. xx

Candice said...

@Marian I know!! I was so shocked!

@Nikki Yes!! You should definitely try it! The "bubbles" have an unusual texture though, so it might be a bit odd at first...but I think you'd end up loving it.

@MJ it definitely is! All of the fruit is so sweet at this time of year!

@Renee Me too!!

@Jamie Pilgrim haha so am I! I love wearing them out, and pretending I need them to read things :)

@Devea it is so delish!!

@JessRaquel Oh you should definitely find a place! I'm sure Vegas has a bubble tea store of some sort!

@Shalyn they were so so good! I'm glad you've joined the berry bandwagon ;)

@Cindy wow! Chocolate bubble tea sounds amazing! I will have to try that sometime!

@Sarah so do I! I wish there were places that were closer to my house, but it makes it more of a special treat since I've got to go pretty far out of my way to get some. Thank you for your sweet wishes! Hope you have a fantastic week as well! xoxo

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