My Makeup Essentials

For awhile I didn't really have a set makeup routine, and it would take me quite awhile to figure out what worked best for my skin tone and eye color. I've finally come up with a routine that I really like, and the products seem to work really well on my skin. So without further ado, here's my makeup essentials.

I start off with a self-tanning moisturizer for a bit of a glow, or else my skin can look a little too pale! 
I love love LOVE the Artistry makeup line. Their foundations and basics are just fantastic; they are lightweight, blend so nicely and feel great on your skin!

I've talked a little bit about the Hoola Bronzer before, but just to reiterate, I love the way it brightens up my skin; it builds nicely and makes me look like I just got back from the beach!
Some people are kind of weirded out by the texture of a mousse blush, but it really blends into skin so well, and looks totally natural. You know the "lit from within" look they talk about in magazines? Well, this gives you that look! To look a little more awake, I'll layer the Mineral blush over top.

I always curl my eyelashes, and if I was stuck on an island, this is the one makeup tool/item I'd bring along. Seriously, do not underestimate the power of curled does wonders for your face. Enough said.

I'm a huge mascara fan, and am still in the process of finding one that I can call my absolute favorite. This one by Maybelline is what I'm using currently, and it seems to do a good job at giving the "soft effect" while also making sure that my eyelashes are long and visible. 

Most days I skip eyeshadow, but I always have eyeliner on. For awhile I was pretty hesitant to use the liquid kind, but once I tried it again for a performance, it quickly found it's way back into my normal routine. Truthfully, I've found that once you try using it a couple of times, it's not so scary, and it really looks quite pretty!

When it comes to brushes, I've really been pleased with the Artistry line. Their powder brush is so fluffy and soft, and the blush/bronzer brush is just the right size, shape and stiffness to blend and fluff. 

I didn't use a brush for my concealer for the longest time; however, once I discovered it's usefulness, I have never applied it with my fingers again. The one by Studio Gear works really well!

So, there you have it! These are my essentials that I use day in and day out. Like I mentioned, for special occasions, I'll experiment with eyeshadows, other liners, all sorts of lipcolors (I actually experiment with lipcolor/gloss on a regular basis), and even some faux lashes. These things just happen to be my tried and true favorites. Perhaps I'll do a tutorial sometime if you're interested...?

What are some of your go-to favorites??


Devea said...

Love this post! I have the mousse blush too and I love it. :)

lovemins said...

i really really want the hoola bronzer! you made it sound even better :)
xoxo, Saskia

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Full & Soft was my very favorite mascara in high school!! I bought some the other day....I still love it! :)

Emily {All You Need is Love} said...

love this!! just did a blog post on my routine -- see here!

Brooke T said...

This was great! Thanks for sharing :) I'm still trying to figure out what works well for me too!

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