The World Is Waiting

I came across this text today, and it really made me think. 

If this is true, what are you holding back for? There's so much to be discovered, achieved, explored, and enjoyed. Your comfort zone is only just that, comfort; it is not adventure, new and exciting. It's simply routine...following the same processes over and over again. Why do we stay here? Perhaps it's the fear of the unknown, the uncertain future, but isn't that the essence of adventure? What would a hero be if not for a conquest to conquer? Without adversity, and that first step into the unknown, there would be no epic fights to victory; we would all just be. 
But would we really live?

You know, I think there's something within that calls out the hero whispers, "go..go..GO! What do you have to lose?" Whether or not we want to admit it, we crave adventure and excitement. Even a hermit will find something to amuse himself day after day. 

Perhaps you feel this way...the world is waiting just outside your window. Will you go? Yes, there will be things to overcome, and people may question your reasons; however, these are but trivial factors in the scheme of things.

Don't be content with a glass view of life; experience it for yourself!



Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

True True TRUE! I love this post! What beautiful thoughts!

Chelsea Finn said...

Wow. Candice, this is such a beautiful post. I am so glad I read this. You are an inspiration. I really wish I could step out of my comfort zone more, and I plan on working on it!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Devea said...

Love this post, so true. :) xo

Shay said...

So beautiful, Candice!Love everything about it!

Candice said...

Thank you!! You are all so so kind! :)

jessica // union shore said...

very true! such a beautiful post!

and i love the hot air balloon photo! so pretty!

Nikki said...

I LOVE this. You're so right, what's holding us back? Failing? So what, if it happens, we deal and move on...but what if we succeeded? How sweet life would be!

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