Snapshots of Life (Guest Post: Lauren from Busy Bee Lauren)

You guys, I'm so excited to have the totally gorgeous and hilarious Lauren from Busy Bee Lauren here to share a little bit of herself with you all! I hope you all are following her already...if you're not, please get over to her blog immediately and fix that! Thanks for being here Lauren!


What inspired you to blog?
1. I honestly was never inspired to blog. I was just bored. Seriously...back in 2006 I didn't even know blogging was a big deal. I knew a couple women that had one, and since I always failed at keeping a journal, I thought I would try having an online journal. I truly thought I would fail at keeping up with a blog too, but turns out it was something I loved!

What have you learned from blogging, and do you have any tips you'd like to share?
2. I have learned that you have to be true to yourself. There are so many great blogs out there, and the reason they are great is because they are telling their story. They are true to who they are, and that's why they are unique. I made the decision to be open with who I am and the struggles I go through, so that everyone who reads my blog will know I am being honest. I want people to feel like I am there friend, and when they log on, I am here to share a little part of my day with them. If I had one tip to share, it would be, "be real." Seriously...people will love you for it.

Name 3 places you'd like to visit!
3. I would love to visit New York City, Cancun and Greece. But honestly, I just love travelling in anywhere new would tickle my fancy!

Got any beauty secrets? Let's hear em!
4. My beauty secret is that I never brush my hair. Seriously, I rarely do. I am bed head all the way! And to look put together, I put on some bright lipstick, and I am good to go! Embrace the tousled look! 

Who has been a role model to you and why?
5. This is going to sound cliche, but my mom! I think she is so selfless and loving, and very creative. She is a wonderful woman, and all that know her love her.

What's your favorite quote?
6. "They say i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one..." favorite quote from "Imagine" by John Lennon :)


Jenni Austria Germany said...

love all those cameras.

camera envy!

Mikelle Jade said...

woohoo! Love Lauren, seriously, she is such a beautiful girl!

Nikki said...

I guess I'm going to stop brushing my hair and see what happens ;) Finger combing will be my friend?

Anonymous said...

Following! :)

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