Exotic Escape (Guest Post: Dana from Enjoy Yourself)

It's summertime, and one of my fabulous blog favorites, Dana, is here to help you find the perfect vacation...even if you're not planning on leaving town!
Bon voyage!
Hi Teatime Thoughts Readers!  I'm Dana from Enjoy Yourself, and I'm so excited to be guest blogging for Candice today!  I hope she's having a fabulous time on her vacay!

Over at my blog I like to focus on what makes me happy, whether it's quotes, images, or happy lists.  Every once in a while life can get crazy, and it's nice to have some time to escape from it all.  Unfortunately we don't always have the funds or time to truly "escape", so that's when we can go on a virtual vacation. All it takes is 5 minutes, and you can imagine yourself somewhere without even leaving your seat in front of your computer screen.  Today's virtual vacation takes us to Hawaii...   

Imagine warm days spent at the beach.  Swimming with dolphins, learning how to surf {something I've always wanted to do}, and drinking drinks from a coconut.  Exploring the exotic parts of the island, with waterfalls and volcanoes.  and being serenaded by a cute local playing the ukulele. Days where the sun kisses your skin, and nights hula dancing at luaus.  Picture yourself there, relaxed and calm, and escape for a little while.

If you could take a virtual vacation where would you go?

Thanks Candice for letting me guest post! :)

Make sure you check out Dana's adorable blog, and send her your happy list!
I know that vacationing definitely makes mine! 


Jenni Austria Germany said...

can i just transport myself into all of these photos?

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

omg i want to go to hawaii sooo bad! great post. xoxo jillian:: enter in TWO GIVEAWAYS over at cornflake dreams

*D* said...

Thanks for giving me the chance to guest post! I love how I chose to do this post about Hawaii even before I knew that's where you were going. Hope you're enjoying your trip! Can't wait to see more pictures when you return :)

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