A Moment to Breathe

Hello my wonderful friends! It's been far too long since I've been around here...my goodness how I've missed you all! I've been off on all kinds of adventures, and now I'm home for a few moments to share with you all before I am off yet again to complete the rest of this latest trip. First of all, a HUGE thank you to my wonderful guest posters...aren't they just fantastic? Each one has such insight and creative ideas, and I hope you're all loving their words as much as I am! Second, I promise to share more photos & stories from my Hawaii trip with you all sometime this week...deal? Deal. Ok, so where to begin..well, I've been working with teens at a leadership development summer camp for the past few weeks, and I cannot tell you how rewarding and interesting it has been. To hear how much these kids' lives are changed in a short 12 days makes the more challenging times worth it all. I'm also now a lifeguard and certified in CPR & First Aid, which was a goal of mine. Anyways, I'm now home for this week before going back to finish up the final session for the summer, and so I'll be relaxing, seeing friends, celebrating the 4th of July and celebrating my birthday which is next weekend! : )
Whew..I think you're finally caught up now. Here's to a week full of fun! 




Shay said...

It sounds amazing what you are doing for those kids at the summer camp-what a rewarding thing for you! Can't wait to see your pictures and have you back in blogworld!

Sarah said...

Oh so exciting that you're back! Welcome back, Candice! :) It's so amazing how we're both back from our little beach trips.

Happy that you're now a certified lifeguard in CPR & First Aid! That's wonderful! :)

Good that you're having heaps of fun! Take good care and I'll be looking out for your next update. x

Unknown said...

You look so pretty in that picture! And welcome to the lifeguarding world... I've been a lifeguard for.. oh.. almost 7-8 yrs and I'm FINALLY done with it (although I'm still working at a pool and teaching kids to swim, go figure)
It's a fun job for sure!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

yaaay thank goodness you're back :)

Unknown said...

wow your job sounds amazing girl! you look so pretty here!

<3 steffy
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