Let's Go For A Drive...Hawaiian Style

Happy Friday! I cannot believe how quickly the week has gone by..Here's a few of the photos from Hawaii as I promised!

One of the days we decided to do some exploring around the island, and took a mountain road that went way up into the up-country areas. There's lots of breathtaking views, ranches, and tiny local shops alongside the twisting roads. We even came across a great place to go ziplining, which I'll share more photos of that with you later!
This is King Kamehameha, one of the most well known Hawaiian kings

The view of the coast from up in the mountains, or volcanos, rather, was simply spectacular! I could have been there all day just soaking in the colors.

I'm in love with the rocky coastlines..when the storms would start to roll in, and the mist lightly covered the beaches, it would seem like something out of a movie!

This is one of my very favorite spots on the Big Island; the Waipio Valley. 
Every time we've been to this island, we make sure to stop here just to admire the beauty of the crashing waves. 

These ranches don't look like they're in Hawaii at all...but were quite
beautiful, nonetheless!

Hope you're having a most wonderful Friday! 



Sarah said...

Wow. This is awesome that you were in Hawaii!
These photos are great! Love them!

I hope you also have a wonderful weekend!

Jessica Ruud said...

Breathtaking photos!!! I wish I could go to Hawaii :)

jennifer blair said...

Oh to have a ranch in Hawaii!!! Oh goodness! These photos are simply amazing!

Susanne said...

If everyone wasnt like "happy friday" or "enjoy the weekend", i wouldnt know what day it was, haha

Shay said...

I am so happy to be seeing pictures- they are all beautiful!

Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

Isn't Hawaii awesome!?! I went in November and am dying to go back already!

Candice said...

@Nina, JRudd & Shalyn Thank you!!

@Jennifer Oh I know, right? It would be so nice..

@Jess yes!! It's fantastic...I am ready for a return trip already!

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