That Day I Could Fly

You're probably all well satisfied with the amount of travel photos, but I have yet a few more to share with you! While driving around the island, we came upon a place to go ziplining. It's something I'd wanted to do for quite awhile, so needless to say, I was super excited. Oh, and it's kind of like flying...another thing I've wanted to do.

 The course went over a rainforest and through a botanical garden, so along with the zip lines, we got to try all of these unusual fruits, see really awesome flowers, trees and a gorgeous view from way up high! If you've not been before, I highly suggest trying it out; I'm hoping to go on a higher and faster course the next time I get to go. Have you been zipping before?

This rope bridge was so fun...and slightly scary, due to the large person walking on it 
behind me which made it sway quite a bit! Yikes!

This thing was called an ice cream was quite good and had the tiniest hint of vanilla to it's flavor.

We then finished off the afternoon with a drive to a black sand beach overlook..arguably my favorite spot in Hawaii. It's so beautifully breathtaking and serene; definitely my happy place.

Although every day that we were there was nothing short of wonderful, I think this day was my favorite. The scenery, the grandeur, I was truly in paradise...

In continuation of the vacation theme...I'll actually be going on a mini getaway for a few days this week, which I am looking forward to, so today's events include packing, cleaning, reading and relaxing. Hope you're having a simply splendid weekend!



Susanne said...

it seems like you had a lot of fun! :)


Beautiful pics! Definitely on my list to go someday and I definitely want to go ziplining!

Phuong said...

wow looks amazing

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