Friday Favorites

Just a few things I'm loving lately..
Clean workspaces...a good reminder to tidy up my desk area.
Everything about this look..perfect for transitioning into fall, 
since it's still quite warm where I live..
Reading good books definitely makes my happy list.
Find out a few of my suggested favorites herehere & here.
Floral skirts make me feel so pretty.
(all images via Tumblr)
Daydreaming of visiting here very soon..I hope! 

Happy Friday!



Renee said...

I wish I had such a beautiful work space myself! xo

Candice said... too! :)

Mikelle Jade said...

oh that skirt is adorable :)
I feel like I've missed you this whole summer, I hope now that's it's almost Fall we can catch up!

grace said...

I could really use a nice and clean work space. But it somehow becomes very messy again after I organize/clean it haha

*D* said...

lets go to Paris together! i'm always dreaming of going there. lol and thanks for the book recommendations. I'm in need of a good book to read. happy weekend! :)

Marian said...

I've been dreaming about going to paris too!!

Unknown said...

Oh, I love "reading is dreaming with your eyes open." I may have to put that somewhere!

Candice said...

@grace I know what you mean...if only it would stay the way it was when I finished cleaning..

@MJ Yes!! We need to catch up...I miss you!! :)

@D Sounds great to me! :) I've been looking up some cute cafes and boutiques to explore..c'est magnifique!

@Marian it's always my dream location of choice :)

@Jennifer Me too! I saved it so I can print it out and put it on my inspiration board

Eloise said...

eee this makes me want to go back to Paris!

Candice said...

Oh you're so lucky to have been, Eloise!!

Jocelyn said...

A clean work space really helps me to focus better and work more efficiently! I love that quote about books. I highly recommend The Help if you haven't already read that one! I'm almost done and I can't wait to watch the movie! Love reading your blog. God bless : )

Candice said...

I so agree!
I've heard lots about that book and the movie..I'll definitely check it out! Thanks so much, Jocelyn!

Marie said...

I feel the same way with floral skirts!:D

***** Marie *****

Marie said...

... and something about that length is just so ladylike!:D

***** Marie *****

Aliya said...

What a lovely list! I really want to go to Paris someday!

x Aliya

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