Bits & Pieces

Here's a bit of my week, courtesy of my cell phone.. 
(droids seriously need to get instagram..#justsaying)
1. Another week, another manicure
2. Brunch is my favorite
3. Suede loafers in mint? Yes, please.
4. I'm obsessed with my new pillows
5. Warm weather calls for bright prints, and yes, I do wear that ring all the time.
6. Pink, white, navy & grey=weekend attire
7. Poshlocket pretties thanks to Nicole
8. Best fortune I've gotten in awhile.. 
"You are a lover of words, someday you should write a book." #smartcookie
Aligna sent some fun questions my way, and since I'm not one to pass up a good Q&A, I thought I'd answer a few of these! 

1. What makes you feel alive?
The feeling of waking up and knowing I have a purpose, and am loved by the creator of the universe. Also, being outside and enjoying the beauty of the world in which we live is so invigorating.
2. Who has been the biggest influence in your life?
I'd say that both of my parents have been really influential. Wouldn't trade them for the world.
3. If your life was a song or book what would it be called?
Capturing Creativity
4. What would be your last supper be if you had to choose?
Honestly, I haven't the slightest idea..something fresh, sweet and delish
5. Do you have a bucket list? If so whats the top two?
I do. They're not in any particular order of importance, but hot air ballooning and traveling the world are definitely on there!
6. Whats your favorite thing to do to relax?
I love to read, or be with friends and talk over coffee & tea.
7. Favorite destination to visit?
As of now I'd say that it's between Hawaii & Norway..although I've not been to France or Italy just yet..
8. Favorite season of the year?
9. If you won a million dollars whats the first thought or thing you would do with it?
I'd probably take a trip to visit the child I sponsor in Guatemala. 
10. If you knew it was your last day on earth how would you spend it?
I'd want to be in a beautiful place, surrounded with my friends and family just enjoying the time we had together.

Thanks for the questions!

Happy Weekend!


Bree said...

I agree with you that droid needs instagram like now :) Those mint green loafers are sooo adorable! I love #1's answer :)

Erin James said...

i love that pretty eiffle tower pillow :)
i agree with #5 and that ring is lovely!

angie on maui said...

I read an article that Droid is working on getting Instagram...just don't know when it is going to be released! I'm an apple user right now but The Hubs and I were thinking of making the switch (is it sad that this was one of the things I researched?!).

Loved the answers to your questions...I feel like I know a little more about you! :)

Which organization did you go through to sponsor a child in Guatemala? Phil and I would like to do this but I wanted to research a few different organizations before we decide.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend!


Amanda Marshall said...

great answers (:
your phone takes great photos by the way!

... said...

I love that ring! :) It's so you!

I didn't know you sponsored a child in Guatemala! That is so awesome! :)

Lindsay Nicole said...

Love your blog! Just became your newest follower. And COMPLETELY agree... Droid need to get on that bandwagon.


Liesl said...

I love learning more about bloggers and seeing instagram style fun! You are beautiful and what a lovely blog! Hope you are having a Super Sunday!

Liesl :)

kellichristinecase said...

i love that chambray shirt!!!!

Elisha said...

you are SO GORGEOUS!!!! I love your shoes!!

Anonymous said...

I am loving those mint suede loafers!

Unknown said...

I got an iphone recently after having a droid for awhile, and I SERIOUSLY love that app. I agree, they need to spread the love to other phones too. :) Love the fun colored nail polish and the jewelry! Great bucket list too. Some of those are very similar... particularly travel: FRANCE! :)

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