Resolutions That Work

(this photo was taken New Years..yes, of course I am in sequins)

With a new year, there's always the typical "new year's resolutions", but I'm really not an advocate for that kind of thing, mainly because I can't ever seem to stick with them. The average resolution lasts only 6 weeks..kinda sad, right? So, what I like to do is write out my goals for the year instead.

One of the best ways to find success is to write things down..especially anything you'd like to change or accomplish. A good friend of mine suggests writing down 8-10 things that you'd like to accomplish in the next year on an index card, in the present tense (like you've already achieved it.. ie: "I'm excited about my consistent gym routine 3 times a week, I'm happy to have straight A's in my classes this semester) and read it every morning and every night. Doing this, reads it into your mind, and then your mind will help you to begin taking the necessary steps to make things happen. It does take effort, though, as nothing can happen without the necessary action, but you can do it!! :)

 I've found that I've accomplished far more when I wrote things out and made it a point to look at it every time I'm getting ready in the morning, and right before I go to sleep. So just a thought as you begin the new year with renewed energy and resolve. Write out your will make a big difference! Here's to much success in 2012!

Happy Thursday,



Megan said...

That is some goood advice! "I am achieving this everyday, so that is why it's in present tense!"

I'll try it!

PS you are soooo pretty!

vintch said...

such a good perspective:) i love the idea of writing it in present tense. hope you're having a fabulous week:)

nicole said...

my god girl, your hair.

i love.

i like the present tense perspective. 'i'm happy i managed to only eat one bag of oreos a week'

i'm already thrilled the prospect of achieving this resolution.

nicole said...

btw, not to be creepy but you kind of look like caroline from vampire diaries in that picture.

and now i've let you in on my girly tv watching schedule.

Maria Larsen said...

This is such good advice! I know I always make new years resolutions, but never really write them down (for the most part). I'll have to give it a try soon, especially about making straight A's in all my classes. Here we go!

Elisha said...

Love it!! Your beautiful. :)

Ladybug said...

"Say yes to your potential and that's what you'll achieve" haha good times! Now that song is stuck in my head :)

Candice said...

@Elisha Thank you!

@Ladybug I know, right? Good times for sure!

... said...

Pretty girl!! :) Love it :) Heck yes for workouts! I am off to the gym in just a bit!

kim @ a positive peace said...

i love this!

also, i love sequins!

and i also wore sequins on NYE! they should never go out of style!! :)

Unknown said...

ooo I love this idea! I am gonna have to try it!

Bailey Schneider said...

That's brilliant! Will definitely try that!
Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

Yelena Starikova said...

I like the index card advice! I will definitely try this out! I made a big list and I've heart that goals in a Present Tense really work! If you have a second, I've got a new post on a ways to stop Procrastination. Really hard to get back to work after all this Holidays.) Love to hear what you think. Xo


Mariel Torres said...

Great advice girlfriend! I must put it to use this new year ;). by the way, you look absolutely gorg!


Shay said...

I absolutely love that index card idea! Such a neat way to stay motivated- I am definitely doing it!

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