Weekend Wanderings

Live Well. Laugh Often. Love Always. 

Happy Weekend everyone!


Unknown said...

ohmydarling friend you are soooo pretty :) i'm loving the white cropped capris and navy top! where from?! have a great weekend! xo

Elisha said...


Skinny said...

Happy new year!!!

Unknown said...

Have a wonderful weekend Candice! Cute pic! :)

Marsha Mckeever said...

Lovin the beach feel in winter

Anonymous said...

This picture makes me miss the beach! :b


... said...

Mmmm I wish I could walk outside and see that view :) Gorgeous.

Have a great weekend pretty girl!

sea to shining port said...

Hmm, feeling as though I'm the only one without a beach to frolic on!

It looks beautiful :)


Mikelle Jade said...

oh how I have missed you. I've been taking a much needed hiatus in a sense. You are beautiful and I'm so so jealous of your lovely weather!

Erin James said...

you look goreous in that pic, girl! (LOVE your white jeans!) that looks like the most amazing, beautiful relaxing beach ever.
happy weekend doll!

Nicole said...

WOW! this is incredibly gorgeous! i'm seriously missing me some ocean!


.sabo skirt. said...

Lovely outfit and nice view. We miss the beach!

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