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I'm so excited to have my gorgeous & stylish friend Lindsey here to share her style secrets with you all! I know you'll love her as much as I do, and make sure to stop by and say hello on her blogs! 

(Top: Cache, Jeans: Rock & Republic, Bracelets: Tiffany, Chanel, Dillards, and Lauren Elizabeth, Shoes: Kenneth Cole, Rings: boutique, Kay, Necklace: gift, Bag: Vintage Dooney & Bourke)

Hey y'all! 

First of all, let me thank Candice in writing for letting me write a post ANDDDD for letting me play supermodel for a few hours, it was a blast! I chose this outfit and untangled my hair (which looked liked there was a rat nesting in there for a few days haha) 'cause I wanted to look pretty in the blog post pics! I found both the shirt and the jeans at my favorite thrift-store  in town.  If you don't thrift already, YOU SHOULD. It's simply the greatest activity ever...especially when you scout out boutique items and couture attire with your best friend like I do! I must admit I borrowed the shoes from ma mere (my mother), but it was quite necessary; they're Kenneth Cole for crying out loud. 
Well that's about it for now, but take a gander at my blog(s): Messages in a Bottle (at lindsey-reinstrom.blogspot.com, a blog I wrote while I studied abroad in Paris, France) and The Blog Barbie (at lindsey-blogbarbie.blogspot.com, currently under renovation, but it should be back in full force soon!)




Elisha said...


Unknown said...

Love this guest post! Thrift shopping is seriously my ultimate addition. Great post! Ps. Thanks for leaving the comment! So awesome to find another Comm major! We will definitely have to talk sometime!


Natalie said...

I love those bracelets! =D

By Sara Romero said...

I totally agree about thrifting, it is easily my favorite things to do. That's a great bag!


Sarah said...

I'm in love with her bracelets! :) Lovelove. I haven't really tried thrifting because they're still very rare here. But from all I've heard, thrifting is definitely the way to go. ;) x

... said...

Lindsey is sassy! :) I like her! She looks so gorgeous!

Taylor said...

she looks so stylish! love your cigarette pants, and definitely need a pair like that!

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