Weekend Wanderings

It's been a really great week in many ways, and as I happily await the weekend and all it brings, I just wanted to recap a few fun things happening lately..
(all photos courtesy of peter acker)
I was in a fashion show for Lilly Pulitzer, showcasing their new Spring 2012 collection. It was a beautiful day full of colors, florals, pretty spring clothes and ladies dressed in their finest to enjoy the show & a beautiful luncheon. Such fun to be a part of it all! :)
Finally got to enjoy a gorgeous sunset after a long long day...springtime, you are so beautiful!
Went to lunch with my sister at our new favorite organic cafe..yum! Sister dates are the best. 
I helped out with the Princess Project again..it was awesome!  See last year's here.
I'll have more about this on the blog soon. Such a rewarding day of glitter, smiling faces and a whole lot of fun. 

Needless to say, all this on top of school and work..it's been busy around here, but I'm enjoying it so far! Here's to a great weekend full of sunshine and relaxation!
Got anything fun planned?

Just in case you missed it..
have you entered the fabulous giveaway yet? 

Happy Weekend!


Elisha said...

woot woot!! your in a magazine?!

Candice said...

No, I wish :)
These are shots from the fashion show!

Anonymous said...

That sandwich looks devine! And that fashion show seems like it was a blast! Have a great weekend :)


Unknown said...

You are now officially famous! ;)

Unknown said...

How exciting about the fashion show! I bet that was fun :) Hope you have a lovely weekend! and I liked your guest post too... I believe a girl can't have enough frilly white shirts (I mean c'mon, it's such a fresh and clean look!), perfect black dresses, wedge sandals, and handbags. Throw in a colorful beaded necklace, classic bracelet or two, and a really good hat, and you're golden. :) haha!

Taylor said...

so cool you were in a lilly fashion show! that is just awesome!

Candice said...

@Taylor It was so much fun :)

Cindy S. - FashionsBeauty said...

Cool, nice pictures! Have a great weekend xoxo


Erin James said...

Okay I am totally impressed about the Lily Pulitzer fashion show! I cannot think of a more perfect model for those outfits than you, hun! :) I'm such a big fan of Lily, always have been.
Love these pics, hope you have a lovely Sunday XO

Sandy a la Mode said...

ooooo wow!! that's soo awesome to be in a fashion show!

The Little Flapper said...

Congrats on being in a Fashion Show. & yes sister dates are the best. I'm the oldest of 3 sisters and enjoy hanging out with them :)

The Little Flapper said...

I'd also love to hear more about Princess Project :)

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