Weekend Wanderings

It's time for the weekend, and this one is full of events and fun! I'm off to a friend's wedding, my sister's performances of the Nutcracker ballet (in which she has the lead) and a few other shows and parties along the way, whew! I cannot help but love this time of year! This week held decorating, both at home and at church, prep work for an upcoming project or two, as well as some present purchasing...have you finished your holiday shopping yet?!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead!


Lulu Soler said...

Those are some great shoes! They would give my 5'1" frame some height :) Just found your blog, would love for you to check out mine! I'm doing a Stella & Dot GIVE AWAY!
XO Lulu

Erin James said...

You look gorgeous in this pic!! Love the skirt. Sounds like a beautiful weekend - enjoy it sweet friend! Love you!

Elizabeth {Ms Classic Glamour} said...

Once again, a STUNNING ensemble, Candice! I hope you have a fabulous weekend, Hun!

Bev said...

another perfect outfit!!! I'm dying to invest in a glitter dress for the holidays and your skirt has totes got me motivated to start looking... like NOW!

Julia D. said...

Sounds like fun!

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