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I'm thrilled to have Jenni with us here on Teatime Thoughts again! As a fitness & yoga enthusiast, former dancer and a healthy lifestyle blogger, she's certainly your go-to girl when it comes to all things wellness. Just in case you missed her amazing toning workout (perfect for after the holidays!), you can catch that here! Today, she's sharing her fabulous style tips when it comes to gym clothes, and with new year's goals and resolutions in full swing, you'll want to look your best as you work towards a healthier you! 

Gym Style
The smell of new sneakers and new years resolutions is still hot in the air. That's right, January is in full swing. This is the time of year when most people reinvigorate their workout routines to go along with their new goals. If you are anything like most the women in America, chances are this includes you.
Gyms are packed this time of year and whether gym life is new to you you, or you are a gym veteran, there are a few quick tips to work your style while you work off those calories. 

Lose the Make-up

This may have sent some people into a style shock. As much as I love make-up, I know how important it is for my skin to be clean and able to breath while working out. Working out with make-up on can cause clogged pores and breakouts. Besides, who wants to risk mascara running down their face and a make-up stained towel? 
Not wearing make-up when working out can help skin maintain it's natural health while giving it a healthier glow at the gym. Use face wash, toner, and a light moisturizer before working out and your skin will thank you. If you cannot imagine going outside without make-up on, opt for a light moisturizing foundation instead. These can be bought or made by mixing 50% of your favorite moisturizer and 50% of a light coverage foundation. 

Be Colorful

Colors tends to make people happy, and so does working out! Why not combine the two and wear bright, fun colors while at the gym? Sometimes, we get into the rut of "black is slimming, I will wear all black." This can be such a mistake, especially at the gym. Black can be harsh on many different skin tones, especially in that terrible florescent gym lighting. Wearing at least one bright color will help brighten our complexion and disposition. Try going for two different colored pieces, even if one is bright pink and the other is purple. Mixing fun colors into our workout routine can help keep it feeling fresh and new, even when the resolution excitement has worn off.

Follow the Clothing Rule

I have a little rule for wearing clothing at any time or place: If you are going to show a lot of skin in one area, keep the rest covered. This goes for tight gym attire as well.
Yes, spandex are some of the most comfortable things to wear while at the gym. But, this does not mean we need to go looking like Apollo Ohno. Wearing one tight[er] article of clothing and one loose[er] piece will, actually, flatter our figures better than being all tight or all loose. All loose clothing makes us look like we are swimming in left over fabric and can give a look of being heavier than we are. No thank you. All tight clothing can look a bit ridiculous and highlight those areas we are going to the gym to lose.
My go-to outfits include spandex running pants or shorts and a loose top. This still flatters the figure more than giant baggy clothing, but leaves something unseen. A big perk is you will not need to worry about the super annoying shirt-ride-up issues! 

Get a Good Sports Bra... Or Five

This little tip is one that every woman should know. Bras are not enough when working out, even if it is something low impact like yoga or pilates. Sports bras were specifically designed to reduce strain while working out. This is vital for keeping the connective tissue healthy and fighting sagging, wrinkling skin.  
Try on a few different types to see which one is right for you. A sports bra should be constrictive, but still comfortable. If it is feeling too tight, chances are you need a bigger size. The best way to see how it will work in the gym environment is to put a work out top over it (this will let you know how it looks with your clothing) and do the jump test. You will get a pretty good idea of how the bra will feel while working out by just jumping up and down a few times in the dressing room. 

Have Confidence

Whether you are working out at home with a workout how to, or in a group at the gym confidence is the biggest style tip I can give. When you are confident, you will look good. Be confident and know you are doing something to increase your health and quality of life. In the end, that is what we are all working towards!

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Marissa Deen said...

Hey, question re: sports bras...I always thought that they weren't much of an option for bustier gals? Do they even make ones that would work for someone who's a 30DD? Do you know a good source? I would LOVE to know!

Jenni said...

Hi Marissa! That is a very good question. I have a few friends who are in the same DD predicament as you. Most of them opt to wear a regular bra and sports bra over top. Two great lines for bustier women are Champion and Moving Comfort. Moving Comfort has your size too! If you ever get a sore back after working out, a sports bra will be a good investment :)

Anonymous said...

Great article Jenni! I really enjoyed this, especially since I have a bunch of trainer appointments to attend this month!

Marissa, I have the same predicament, but there are some great online stores that carry sports bras in 30DD. Try figleaves.com or barenecessities.com. They have so many sizes, and there's usually feedback to help you figure out how the items run size-wise. They can be a bit pricier, but I bought one four years ago and still work out in it regularly.

Marissa Deen said...

Thanks for the responses! :)

Anonymous said...

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Julia D. said...

Love the tips!

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