Busy vs. Productive

It's easy to get busy these days, isn't it? Sometimes I catch myself using "I'm busy" as my response to someone asking how I'm doing or how my day is going. We've gotten into a culture that tends to glorify 'busyness' and operates on an efficiency mentality. Everyday is about having more, doing more, getting more, needing more...yet we allow ourselves less and less--less time to create, less hours of rest, less time invested in relationships with other people, less time to think. Are we really that surprised when we hit a wall, feel stressed, or simply burnout? I think deep down we all know that being busy never leads to true productivity; unless, of course, what we're doing is actually what needs to be done. Why then do we continue to create movement in our days for the sake of simply showing activity?

I'll be the first to admit that I will sometimes add simple things to my 'to-do list' for the sake of crossing a task off the list, when in actuality I am only putting off the things that really matter or need to get done. (I'm sure I'm not alone in this, right?) With that in mind, I have made a conscious effort to not only quit glorifying the idea of being busy, but also to make an investment of time in the things that really make a difference. When doing some study on this idea, I came across this article and graphic that I've included below and thought it was worth sharing. (Here's another good read on the topic) How often do you find yourself simply relying on being busy rather than being productive? The challenge for you (and I) is to decide to do what really needs to be done, invest our time in the things that matter most, and create space in our lives to create, relax, be present with other people, and rest. We can only hold a sprint for so long; be willing to be mindful of your activity, ask yourself from time to time, "Am I simply being busy or am I actually being productive?" When we're willing to get honest with ourselves, it revolutionizes our schedule. Let's make today a productive day!


Anonymous said...

This is so true! I think being productive takes more brain power than just being busy which is why it is harder. It always feels so great when I'm productive, this is a work in progress for me!

Candice said...

I absolutely agree! It definitely is an ongoing process that takes consistency and diligence.

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