Fall Favorites: Vol 3

Every year I enjoy making a 'fall favorites' post, and this year I've got another round up of things that made the list. I love getting recommendations from friends for great books, recipes, beauty products, restaurants, podcasts, music...you name it. Hearing what others are enjoying is a fun way to discover new favorites and mix up the routine. With that said, here's a few things that I've been enjoying as of late. I'd love to hear some of yours!

This pumpkin smoothie recipe makes breakfast far more festive (and delicious!)

I've been listening to lots of podcasts on my morning run and while getting things done around the house. This one is updated monthly and I always gain some solid insight and thought-provoking wisdom from it. I also try to catch up on the latest episodes of this one

Autumn candles are some of the best. I love burning this fall scent and this pumpkin version to make the house smell so amazing. (p.s. both are currently on sale!)

What's on my bookshelf currently? Here's three of my recent favorites: Goliath Must Fall, Magic of Thinking Big, and The Slight Edge

I'm a big fan of tea (right now, iced since it's still so hot!), and I've been making this ridiculously good cinnamon apple spice version that's perfect hot or cold. 

If you like pumpkin, here's the best (and easiest) pumpkin bread mix. I stock up on this whenever it comes back into the stores so I can make it randomly throughout the year whenever I get the craving My recipe suggestion--swap some of the water for a bit of applesauce to make it extra delicious. You're welcome. ;)

See last year's list here.

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