October Inspiration

Happy October! Fall is officially in full swing. It's time for all the cozy cardigans, pumpkin everything in the stores, golden evening light, and the hint of coolness in the morning and evening. As I like to do at the beginning of every month, it's time for a brief check-in and a little inspiration. 

To begin each check-in, I always take an inventory of:
1. What my goals are for the month 
2. The amount of progress I have made toward the goals I've set and are still working toward
3. Any habits or environment adjustments that need to be made in order to reach my goals 

Going through this process each month has really helped me to stay focused on the things that matter most. I've learned that inspiration and motivation can ebb and flow, and what keeps us going is not necessarily a feeling but a dedication to the process. Sometimes you might not feel like doing what needs to be done, or your creativity might wane, but when you stick to the process of doing those small daily habits, or continue to commit to putting in the time/effort towards the goal, you'll find that sooner or later the feeling will follow. With that in mind, I like to also think about a few quotes or ideas that help me stay committed to the process. Here's what's inspiring me lately. 


Diana Maria said...

Losing the fear of being wrong is so, so important! Although scary, letting go of our fear helps creativity flow in its truest form. This photo is so beautiful, good luck with all of your goals for October! xx


Candice said...

I agree with you, Diana! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Happy October! :)

Anonymous said...

Letting go of fear is a big one for me lately! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and inspiration!

Candice said...

It's such an important thing to do! Glad you enjoyed the post, Jennifer!

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