Neutral Tones

We finally got some cooler weather for a few days last week, and it was such a refreshing change! I've been looking forward to being able to pull out my sweaters and other fun fall pieces this season, like these black ankle booties and camel skirt. Lately I've been drawn to softer, neutral shades like cream, camel, grey, white, soft pink and even a powder blue. This is definitely a departure from my usual colorful picks; however, it seems fitting for the season that brings cozy, classic style and warmer, richer colors and tones. 

Speaking of cozy, a weekend of relaxation, baking, writing, and sipping on hot tea while listening to the soft pitter patter of the rain on the windows was exactly what I needed after a busy last couple of weeks. It's so important to recharge and make time for reflection. With all the things going on in our daily lives, time spent in thought and reflection can easily be forgotten; however, I think it is absolutely important to make time for our minds to simply think, create, and dream. We experience a massive influx of information on a daily basis, and if we're not careful, it can easily lead to extra stress, creative burnout, or feeling overwhelmed. Give your mind a bit of time to pause and reflect, dream, or creatively wander a little. It's amazing to see how refreshed you feel after a momentary mental breather; it's like a breath of fresh (and cool) air! 

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Anonymous said...

I love this look! Very classic! I try to make time for thinking and dreaming, I especially love processing my thoughts through journaling.

Candice said...

Thanks, Jennifer!
Yes! Journaling is such a great way to reflect and process things. It's such a good habit.

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