Let's Make Some Friends!

I just have to say,
I've got some of the best sponsors around!
Check 'em out..I think you'll love them just as much as I do. 

Simply Sporadic
"This is where I share and open up to you, my lovely readers, about all the things that life throws at me. I'm often inspired by pretty things and am constantly indulging in gorgeous photos taken by yours truly. So, yes do take a step into my world!"

Vibrant Grace
" My blog serves as both a personal creative outlet and a means to glorify God through my words and photography. It is a reflection of the blessings and grace God has bestowed on us, and a constant reminder to glorify Him in all circumstances, to see God as the master artist of all the beauty around, and to recognize that the life He has prepared for me will be far more interesting than anything I could imagine for myself."
"My blog is a reflection of who I am and what my life is about: life, things that inspire me, DIY, healthy tips, ice hockey, ice hockey...and ice hockey."
"A student of English and Mediacommunications, I never imagined how much joy this blog would bring to my life, namely meeting you guys from all over the world!
I love to share random ramblings and bits and pieces about movies, music, food and fashion with you!"
"I'm just a 24 year old trying to navigate my way through this thing called life, and have fun while I am doing it! I am very random and so is my blog, I basically give you a glimpse into my everyday life through my sarcastic humor. Hopefully you find me funny or at least entertaining!"

"This blog is my little brew of life and lessons learned as a newlywed, young business professional, and woman of faith. I also cover topics such as fitness, food, and my journey to fashion"

Happy October everyone!!


Susanne said...

woots :) im gonna check blogs of these lovely ladies :)

Candice said...

Yay :) So happy to have you as a sponsor !!

Sara Hinton said...

Thanks for the shout out Candice!!

Candice said...

Absolutely!! :) It's so wonderful to have you on the blog!

♥ Nadine said...

Aw, just saw that now! Thanks for the shout out, so nice of you!

I'm so happy to be working with you.

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