I love finding new ways to mix up my workout routine, whether it's taking a class, doing some weights or trying a new's a few fun ideas for you! 

Have a special event coming up? This will get you ready in no time! 

and this one only takes 6 minutes to complete and you're off to work!

Have any workout P90x or yoga? 
Let me know!

Happy Tuesday!


ashley marie wilson said...

i will be doing alot of the one for a thinner stomach... that is my one problem area. lol, i never feel like crunches are doing anything.

Candice said...

I get bored with doing crunches too, and what has seemed to be helpful is doing some planks in 1 min intervals. And those mentioned above are really great! :)

♥ Nadine said...

Thank you for sharing. Since my sport courses are on a short fall break that is exactly what I needed!! Gonna try it out first thing tomorrow morning. :)

Here's to a happy week. xo.

Candice said...

Oh that's awesome! I've been adding these to my workout routine too :)
Hope you have wonderful week too, Nadine! xo

Jacque said...

Oh I like both of these! Especially the slim your waist! I've done some p90x and the first time I tried it, I didn't last more than 15 minutes lol. Maybe that's not the workout routine for me. :)

Wegan said...

OOh I shall try these out! Trying to tone my stomach and sort myself out!

Just came across your blog & love it, you have a new follower!

Hope you check our blog out:

M x

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