Have you ever found yourself in a inspiration rut? 
A blank page with a blinking cursor and nothing to fill it with
Kind of creatively stuck, a writer's block, per say,
 or a bit of that overwhelming feeling of 
where in the world should I begin...
Between work, school and other schedules, I have found myself in that place recently...
So I've done some thinking, praying, reading and spending far too long on Tumblr and Pinterest,
looking for ideas and fresh thinking to get me back into a creative groove again. 
Here's a few things that inspired me.

"Buy a blank notebook. Draw a huge heart on the cover. Don’t write anything negative in here. If you need another outlet, make a separate notebook. This one is all about love, personal growth, and getting back up. Fill it with beautiful images, reaffirming thoughts, and quotes. Write in it every day, and each day write one thing you’re grateful for in your life."

"Where words fail, music speaks."
-Hans Christian Andersen

In the end, it helped me to just take a step back from the busyness of life, to relax, knowing that God has every moment planned, and enjoy the little moments; the way the wind rustled the leaves, sounding like an audience's applause, the smell of the cinnamon brooms that envelops you upon entering the grocery store, the joy of finding my favorite Christmas CDs hidden underneath stacks of papers, and the fun of slipping on a scarf since the weather finally was fitting. 
It's the beauty in the details. 
I am once again feeling inspired.

What motivates you?



Anonymous said...

I have felt like that so many times I've lost count. I always find it's best to just step back from it all and look for inspiration elsewhere or just wait for it to return by itself, because it usually does! The last week I've been uninspired by everything, then tonight I opened up my Blogger and had two ideas instantly!

I really love the idea of a "positivity" notebook as sometimes I get a little miserable and stop believing in myself and the things I can do.

Alex Trapp said...

The more unsure or lost I feel about a particular thing that I'm working on, the earlier I get up. A cup of coffee and a sun rise does wonders for my mind and spirit.

Taylor said...

lovely post!! :) i love the feeling of fresh rejuvenation and motivation. so lovely, especially with all the stress that comes with being a student. love your little button too - you look so beautiful!

Mikelle Jade said...

ugh I am in an inspiration rut. I definitely need a boost! I love how positive and uplifting you always are, the people that have you as part of their everyday life are so lucky. I'm lucky too though-- because I read your blog!

PS your button is gorgeous Seriously, you should model.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, been there. I read or draw/paint. I let art flow when thoughts or words don't come. That's okay too. Not achieving or producing is okay sometimes. Makes me realize I was designed human and not a robot. ;)

Chelsea said...

I have been in a rather large inspiration rut lately! Great post!
You're beautiful, my blogging friend. :)

Nikki said...

More and more I've been feeling like that. I think it's when I spend more time on the internet exploring other's ideas instead of my own.

Great ideas!

stephanie said...

i feel like i am stuck in this place; pinterest and tumblr actually feels like it sucks away my creativity because i just want to re-create what i'm looking at. i know that all art, to some extent, is a re-creation... but man.

however. listening to music that makes me feel alive makes me want to write and/or paint and/or cut things out and glue them in notebooks.

talking to people makes me want to play the piano.

Morgan Nicole Ilg said...

I totally know what you mean! It happens quite often actually!
This is a beautiful post and I love your blog! I will definitely be back for more!
p.s. please check out my brand new blog!

... said...

Great idea! When I need motivation...I turn to music :)

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

wonderful inspiration photos! nature always inspires me :)

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


Fashion Fractions

Candice said...

@MJ Thank you! You're so wonderful! :)

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