Teatime Thursday

Back by popular demand, (and more time on my end of things!) here's this week's edition of Teatime Thursday favorites vlog style!

My favorites: (similar) comb, lipcolor, chapstick/miracle, scarf

Current Favorite: 
Spiced Chai

Teatime Thought:
"Come and share a pot of tea, My home is warm and my friendship's free."
 Emilie Barnes, Author

Fact of the Day: 
Afternoon tea (because it was usually taken in the late afternoon) is also called "low tea" because it was usually taken in a sitting room or withdrawing room where low tables (like a coffee table) were placed near sofas or chairs generally in a large withdrawing room.

Happy Thursday!
Don't forget to share some of your favorite things from this week with me!



Maria said...

I have a serious case of hair lust right now. Your hair is absolutely amazing!

♥ Nadine said...

I agree, your hair looks amazing in the video. Also, it's so lovely to hear you talk. I love your American accent. :)

Thanks for sharing all the prettiness. And cheers to another spiced chai.

XO. Nadine

... said...

Jumping on the band wagon...your hair looks amazing. :) What a cute vlog!

wdn th said...

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Anonymous said...

I missed your Teatime Thursday vlogs, you're always so happy & bright!

Mere said...

yay so glad to see a Teatime Thursday vlog back! :) you are adorable. And I am sooo into Chai tea lately! I'll definitely have to try the spiced chai :)

Kelly | Eat Yourself Skinny said...

Your blog is absolutely adorable! So glad to be a new follower! xoxo

Ladybug said...

I am so with ya Candice on the Spiced Chai tea! Yumm!

Christina'Marie said...

just found your blog from bex! youre so adorable! new follower:)

Summer-Raye said...

Ill have to try the spiced chai tea.

Id love for you to follow my blog, let me know and Ill be sure to follow you back!

Cant wait,

Lindsey said...

I'm a HUGE Chai fan, although I have been on a green tea kick lately. I highly recommend the Tazo tea bags (which are the tea bags they use a Sbux).

Ashten said...

I found you through Bex as well! Totally a new follower! Love the comb and the chai tea! (also a weakness of mine)

Jenni Austria Germany said...

oh my gosh i missed this. but YOUR BANGS. obsessed.

jessica // union shore said...

i love chi tea! and i use that rosebud all the time! it's a fave of mine too!

where is that minty green scarf/cowl in your main photo from? it's so cute!

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