Weekend Wanderings

What a crazy week it's been..celebrating birthdays, working, midterm exams and now some time to enjoy with friends! I'm off to tea today with a wonderful girl who happens to be a fabulous photographer as well! (take a peek at her work here), and my good friend is coming in to town this weekend with her family, so I'm excited to catch up with her too! Finally some much-needed fun and relaxation, a treat after all this work! Are you up to anything fun this weekend also??

Happy Weekend! 

11/11/11..make a wish!  :)
and this wonderfully gorgeous blog friend of mine featured me today!


Anonymous said...

sounds like a great weekend. You deserve it ^_^

nicole said...

featured you on the blog today :)

... said...

What a fun weekend with friends :) Enjoy pretty girl! Love your heels!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

your blog is so cute! Just found it via nicole @ Busy Girl. Love your style and sentiment and look forward to following along!

Alyssa said...

Aww thanks Candice!! Today was so fun :)

chanel said...

Found you on Nicole's blog tonight! I want your scarf!

xo chanel

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