5 Things: February Sponsors

I mean it when I say I have some of the best sponsors in the whole world. These girls are beyond fun, have some rockin' blogs, and are basically the coolest people you'll meet. Say no more, right?
Check out their 5 facts, and I've turned off comments here, so you can go leave some love on their blogs! 

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1. I am getting married on the 18th of this month!

2. I started my blog, The Duplechin Daily, just last month and have loved getting to make new friends in  the blogging world.
3. I'm a Texas girl and probably always will be at heart.

4. I love to sing, play guitar, and make music with my future hubby.

5. I believe in having a relationship with our creator and that all things are possible through Him.

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1) I moved from Oklahoma to Washington, D.C. over two years ago to stifle my longing to live in this city, and one year later, I met my (now) husband. As much as we love the excitement of the nation's capital, we plan on moving back to Oklahoma one day, because high stress and non-stop traffic is soooo overrated.

2) My dream life is living in a cottage, not too far from town but also near an ocean, with my husband and currently non-existent two dogs and a few kids. It will have a big kitchen with lots of natural light, and a cozy room where I can drink coffee while reading and writing inspiring words. We would have lots of visitors and feed them tasty snacks, so as to not become completely self-absorbed in our reclusive lifestyle. Check back tomorrow for a completely different life-plan. It changes daily.

3) I love to travel. It's just really too bad full-time jobs often get in the way of that (you know, dreams).

4) My husband and I have a not-so-secret goal of becoming the favorite uncle and aunt of all my sibling's children. (Hi, Lydia, Sophia, and Alice!!)

5) I hate low-fat foods, butter substitutes (with the exception of coconut oil), and any unnatural substances I am supposed to believe is real food. I envy the diet of farmers.

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