Glass Slippers: Carlie From The Duplechin Daily

Happy Teatime Thursday, everyone! I am Carlie (soon-to-be) Duplechin, and I blog over at The Duplechin Daily. Many thanks to the lovely Candice for letting me guest post today. Isn’t she wonderful?
I want to share with y’all a song that once described a season in my life. It’s a time period I think we all go through – looking and searching for that special someone you were meant to be with. That significant other you wish you had in your life. Finding L-O-V-E.

And then realizing we just need to be patient and trust.
I remember getting The Civil Wars CD for Christmas last year, hearing this song, and getting thrown back to the forgotten, awkward years of junior high school. In the 8th grade, I had made a list in my journal of the qualities I wanted in a future husband and prayed that we would find each other. Then I waited.
It’s amazing what patience and trust can do for us. We wait patiently and trust that everything will be all right.
Whether we are single, dating, or married, it’s good to reflect on the beautiful people we have in our lives…or the people who aren’t in it yet. Believe that all things work together for our good – not only in relationships, but in life as a whole!
It’s crazy how life can end up, but no need to worry. 
Cinderella didn’t worry about losing her glass slipper or the size of her foot
It just fit.

Thank you so much Carlie for being here and sharing your heart on Teatime Thoughts! I'm so excited for the two of you! Make sure to keep up with Carlie on her blog as she prepares for her upcoming wedding! 


Ac said...

What a sweet post! I will have to check out her blog too:)

Anonymous said...

such a cute analogy, thx for sharing!

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