Weekend Wanderings

I don't know about you, but this week has been absolutely crazy. Seriously, looking back through the notes to self, and to-do lists scrawled across my planner from this week sort of scares me. I'm definitely looking forward to the weekend, time off and much needed family time. 

On the way to work yesterday, I  was thinking about how I tend to get in such a routine, and take things, like the beautiful view, for granted. Sometimes it's good to just stop and enjoy the little things, the beautiful details of life, and somehow that makes everything fall back into a proper perspective.

By the way, this weekend is the Super Bowl, and a friend of mine is playing in it, go Giants! Pinterest has given me a million ideas for cute little snack foods to make and enjoy during the big game...will you be watching? 
What are you up to this weekend?



Anonymous said...

I was just debating this morning about what oh-so-cute-and-clever Super Bowl themed Pinterest snack I should attempt.

The possibilities are really endless. What did we do before Pinterest?

Candice said...

The mini 7 layer dip in a tiny jar is one of my favorites. I think I'll be making that one this weekend!

Before, pinterest? I haven't the slightest idea..perhaps I was more productive? haha

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the Super Bowl! That's so cool you have a friend playing in it. My mom and I are making Mini Corn Dog Bites from Pinterest - don't you just loooove it? :)

jessica // union shore said...

Great photo! Hope you have a great weekend!

And I'm hoping the Giants win too!!

Sandy a la Mode said...

wow, you have a friend playing in the super bowl!? so cool!! enjoy your weekend!

Erin James said...

Go giants! How fun, which one is your friend? :) enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday sweetie!!
Love that photo of the sunrise, beautiful!

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