Consistency in Chaos

What a week it has been thus far. To be perfectly honest, it has been rather overwhelming in more ways than just one, and though I don't find it necessary to go into detail, times like this make me think about a few things. First is that God is in control. Beyond all comprehension and perfectly laid plans, his will is perfect, and although hard times come, he is ultimately in control. 
That fact alone gives me peace. 
The second thing is this,
It is through the testing, trials and perfecting of our faith that we are made into the person he has called us to be. He never promised that the road would be easy, he only promised that he'd never leave or forsake us. That ultimately making it the most worthwhile journey on which we'd ever embark. The thing is, God speaks to us in the most intricate of ways, through details and little things that mean something to us. One of the books I've been reading recently is Uprising by Erwin McManus, and in it he talks about trials and how they bring us close to the full expression of faith. Funny how God knew I'd need these words of wisdom this week. 

This quote really got me:

"God allows and at times causes us to go through the kinds of circumstances that strip away all falsehood and leave us with our real selves. God's ultimate intent is not to leave us faithless, but to leave us faith-full. There are few things as exhilarating as going through the fire and finding that you had the resilience to make it through. All of us wonder at times whether we have what it takes. God wants to bring us to a place where we have no doubt of the work He has done within us. "--Erwin McManus, Uprising (p 211)

I am so thankful for multiple friends who, without knowing I was having a less than lovely week, sent me texts, tweets and emails encouraging me, wishing me a wonderful day and lifting my spirits. It is truly such a blessing; thank you for allowing God to use you to be such an encouragement to me.

I know sometimes blogs paint this picture perfect view of a person, but I thought it would be refreshing for both myself and you to see a little transparency and know that life isn't always perfect, but God is, and his strength is our constant..our consistency among chaos.


Jenn @ What You Make It said...

Thank you for this post! I did a similar one today: I absolutely love your quotes, especially the Erwin McManus one, and simply "God is a God of order." Whatever we go through, God is constant.


Brianna Meadows said...

These are the kind of posts I love to read as well as the ones that tell me how to dress haha. Reading post like this are so uplifting and are a good reminder to live with out worrying because God is in control. More like this please! Love you and miss you!

The Slice said...

I think James 2:1-4 is the verse that talks about overcoming our trials. I really hope this is a growing time for you and only brings you closer to the Lord! :)

Anonymous said...

I must say, your transparency is rather ravishing. It takes courage to write this and I'm glad you did! Keep trusting the Almighty

Bailey Schneider said...

Thanks for this post... I really needed to read this!
Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

Unknown said...

I hope things get better for you girl! I've been reading a book lately called Plan B. Basically, it's about when your life plan gets messed up and where God is in the midst of it. Such a blessing, I would totally recommend it. I've been doing a post every Monday with excerpts and thoughts from it. And on another note, I love your white frilly dress. I just adore white dresses. Here's a quote for you! "The remarkable thing about fearing God is that when you fear God, you fear nothing else, but when you do not fear God you fear everything else." -Oswold Chambers

Unknown said...

What a great post. Amazing how God has you hear what you need at the right time :)
You have a great blog, your heart really comes through in your blog.

*D* said...

this was just the type of post I needed to read at this moment. its all so true! Thanks :)

Sarah said...

oh sweetheart, i'm so glad you were surrounded with love and support during those trying times. we get it every now and then, and i'm glad you came out of it well. it's true, that we need to be reminded that God is the only constant in life, especially during chaos, like you mentioned. God has been amazing to me this week, pretty much the constant in the chaos i was going through. but He's been faithful and He will always be.

thanks for always sharing sweet life reminders here. you're a blessing, candice. :) much love! x

Anonymous said...

Be calm in your heart. That is perfect. Glad to be your newest follower!

Unknown said...

What an insightful post!

I am not such a strong believer but your words really resonated with me as lately there has been some ups and downs but it finally feels like things are going to be more on an even keel {touch wood!}.

Hope things settle down for you too and get better.


Unknown said...

Thank-you for this Candice!

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