Colorful Friday

I shall not be joining the masses of crazy people (you know who you are..) who are out shopping during the wee hours of the morning this year, namely because I get to work today. Having experienced the craziness of Black Friday shopping before, I just have to ask, is the extra 40% off that Coach bag really worth shoving and quarreling over? Yikes..

On another note, here's a few things that are on my Christmas wish list this year..
I think this monogrammed necklace is so classy..perfect for dressing up or down. 
a fabulous wide-angle lens would be so fun to experiment with
It's everything dainty, French and sparkly in a ring..j'taime!
sequins are so festive..and this gold dress would be lovely for a party 
cozy faux-fur throw for my reading chair
I've not read this book by Erwin McManus, and I'd really like to..
hoping to do some travel quite soon, so I'd love a pair of these for flights

1, 234567

What's on your list? 

Happy (Black) Friday!
P.S. If you're braving the crowds, remember: comfy shoes, caffeine and hydration :)


Frock Stock said...

Love the little "oui" ring! So adorable. :) That dress is stunning, too.

Instead of going to the mall I'm going to support my local thrift store's sale. Seems like it'll be a lot less crazy there! Plus we all can't forget tomorrow is Small Business Saturday, which is the best way we can support our economy and local businesses!

<3 Frock Stock

Sarah said...

Ah I love everything you posted, especially the ring and the necklace in the first picture. So beautiful!

I have some Bose headphones and they are really amazing, especially on planes. It literally just mutes that constant whine the plane emits - perfect!!

I'd also love a new lens for Christmas, and some new heeled boots - a girl can dream! :) xxx

Sera said...

I love your list--that monogrammed necklace is stunning! I hope you get one (and I hope I get one, too). :)

... said...

I want a monogramed necklace so bad this year too! :) Yay for trying out new lenses!

Nicole Marie said...

i think i'm wanting the 18-135 mm lens for my europe trip!

Taylor said...

i am so not a black friday shopping girl.
smart to be making money instead of spending it! :)
love the gold sequin dress, hope you get it!

Unknown said...

I love the necklace and the wide angle lens idea :)

Francesca said...

ahh i want that sequin dress!
/ twitter: @opinionslave

Unknown said...

Love that gold dress! I saw one recently, and I'm kicking myself for not buying it...hopefully I'll find another soon {and an occasion to wear it...}.

Just found your blog, and I just have to say that you are absolutely gorgeous!


Emily {All You Need is Love} said...

such great wish list items!! i especially love the necklace (so classy!), the dress (so fun!), and the blanket (so cozy!) happy sunday sweetie!!

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