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Hey there, sweet friends! I'm B, from feeling bloggy
First off, I want to thank Candice for letting me sit-in for her over here! I'm so excited to be able to "meet" you all! I just love the things that technology and social media can do for you... meeting sweet new Christian women with similar interests to yourself, but also so many new things to share with you... clearly, meeting Candice through the "spring fling flip flop swap" was one of those wonderful occasions! My husband is in the Army, currently deployed, and we are able to skype sometimes TWICE a day... can you imagine what it must have been like 50-60 years ago when the internet was nonexistent and the postal service was slow, slow, slow? agony, I tell you, it must have been AGONY; however, there was also that romantic-old-fashioned-wait-for-you-forever feel to the relationships of that time that were just as sweet as this. (glass half-full, ladies!)

anyways! (sorry for the tangent ;) ) I wanted to share with you all a little bit about some summer plans I have... a sort of "bucket list, if you will! I love, love, love to make lists!

Though I know I won't be able to accomplish my whole list this summer, due to moving around while the huz is in Afghanistan, they are, nonetheless, on my list. I think for me, it will span over a couple summers; my list is long, so I will share some of my most anticipated cross-offs! 

how much fun is it, though, to cross things off a list! I love that feeling...

So, here it is, ladies (and gentleman? maybe?)

- plant a garden and cultivate it to bear fruit!

    this one will have to be once henry and i have our own place... or a little spot on the ground at     

   whatever apartment building we land until then! i want three gardens, actually... a flower garden, a 

   vegetable garden, and an herb garden! the hubs and i are huge fans of vegetables and fresh food! i 

   LOVE to cook!

go water skiing! 

- climb a mountain

- read through the entire new testament (and actually engage and learn from what I am reading!)

- stick with #shereadstruth, memorizing at least one verse per week!

   if you don't know about this already, you should definitely check it out! a great community of 

   believers reading God's Word together each day! and you can do it from your iPhone so you never 

   DON'T have it with you! so beneficial to LIFE.

- go to South Carolina

- travel down the west coast with my Henry!

- run two miles in 14 minutes (without stopping)

- pick flowers once a week

   I don't know about you, but picking flowers is one of the most joyous things for me. it brings me so 

   much joy and warmth to see the beauty of God's creation in nature, and flowers are one of my 

   favorite features!

- have a picnic, or two, or 20.

- have a yardsale!

   get rid of my "surplus" of clothing, furniture, and junk that I have accumulated over the past 6 

   years, to make room for simplicity in henry and I's life, and home!

there are MANY more things I would like to do over the next few summers, but I will leave you with that, and let you make your very own summer-must bucket-list! come on over to feeling bloggy and let me know what's on your bucket-list! I can't wait to hear!

See you later, sweet new friends! :) muah!
xoxo, B


Melissa88Senick said...

Great bucklist. We have some similarities there. :)

Mimi said...

i would love to go water skiing too! and i love going on picnics! :D

<3, Mimi

B said...

Aw yay! Like what?! Love shared interests!!

B said...

:) it's probably the BEST summer activity! (water-skiing) sooo fun in any summer weather! And picnics are perfect :)

Julia D. said...

Really looking forward to checking out #shereadstruth. Thanks for the heads up!

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