Summer Outfits & Packing Tips

 Whether you're heading off for a sunny beach vacation, going for a swim in the pool nearby, flying out for a relaxing escape in the mountains, or you're hitting the local favorites, here are some tips for easy outfits that you can all summer long.

Perfect for a day at the beach or pool! 
1. Panama hat: keep the sun off your face and look stylish with a cute panama hat
2. White top: white is fresh and clean for summer and perfect for a day in the sun
3. Bathing suit: an obvious necessity for a day near the water. I'm loving this paisley one!!
4.Colored denim shorts: colored jeans are in right now, and I'm loving the trend; these are so cute!
5. Sunnies: you'll definitely need these this summer; these black ones are really cute with the extra flair
6. Bracelets: add some fun and colorful bracelet to your outfit!
7. Beach tote: grab a fun patterned beach tote to carry all of your things; try a stripe, solid, or ikat print!
8. Sandals: these leather sandals are easy to slip on, really cute, and topped with a splash of color
Remember the sunscreen!!!

Just the outfit for a day of exploring and fun. Geared for a bit of a cooler climate and a relaxed atmosphere with:
1. Colored Pocketed Vest: This is such a great color for summer, and it is perfect a day of adventure
2. The striped tee: another great classic; a light and airy tee is great for comfort; the long sleeve can be substituted for a short sleeve if the weather calls for it. 
3. Skinny Jeans: make sure you pick a comfortable pair if you plan to be doing a lot of walking, sightseeing or hiking!
4. Hat: This sporty hat will shield your face from the sun and add a sporty touch to your outfit
5. Sunglasses: I love this rounded lens style; they are sporty and chic at the same time; a very transitional style
6. The backpack: a day of sightseeing calls for a backpack; this one has several pockets and lots of room. Cute and functional is the way to go!
7. Sneakers: You know what they say, "style over comfort", but with these colored ones, you can have both, plus they are a cheery addition to this fun outfit
8. Wrap Bracelet: bright and simple for and extra pop of color without being a nuisance to the busy traveler

A fresh look for the "stay-cation", trip to the market, mall, or out to eat. 
Breeze through with:
1. The Maxi Dress: cool and comfortable yet effortlessly gorgeous. Try a solid, stripe, or fun pattern like the ikat. 
2. Easy leather sandals: a summer staple, and they go with everything!
3. Statement necklace: add a pop of color and excitement to the outfit with a fun statement necklace; they make any  plain dress or top look fabulous!
4. Coral Ring: an extra touch of glamour to tie the whole outfit together
5. Tortoise shell sunnies: The wayfarer style is really versatile and cute; perfect on a bright summer day
6. Classic gold cuffs: these add extra shine and "oomph" to your outfit. The gold will bring out your sunkissed glow.
7. Brown leather satchel: A timeless classic, and totally functional bag! I love a good satchel, and this one certainly makes the cut!

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ohhh great outfits!

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Super cute outfits!

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Love this! I'm heading to the beach next week, so this is perfect!

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very cuuuute! i love summer style <3


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Loving outfit 3, statement necklaces and a maxi is my fav trend this summer! Gorgeous easy glam! Great pics x

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Beautiful - all of it!!

And once again, Happy Birthday sweet Candice :)

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Great collection. Awesome all of it and I love these. Thanks for sharing here.

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They're all gorgeous, but I think The Adventurer is my favourite. Though I do love that satchel...Loving the packing tips as well!

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