Summer Locks

 Here is an easy hairstyle that you can do to get your hair off of your neck during the warm summer months. One of the things I love about this hairstyle is that it is quick, simple, and can be worn elegantly or casually.
Here we go!

You will need a hair brush, bobby pins (I like the long ones), and a hair elastic

1. Begin with dry, brushed hair. 
 2. Brush top of hair over to one side
 3. Separate 3 pieces from the top section of hair
 4. Begin french braiding the hair but try to keep it to the side instead of straight down the back of the head
 5. Continue braiding all of your hair, and when finished, tie off with the elastic. Fold the end up.
 6. With the end folded, twist the braid into a bun and secure with pins.
7. And that's it! Above is the back view and below is the front view!
*This tutorial does require that you know how to French Braid. If you don't here is a video tutorial of the classic french braid.


Mariel Torres said...

Gorgeously perfect! I must try it soon :D

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is lovely!

Lauren said...

This is so cute! I'll be trying that soon

Erin James said...

Love this - great idea :)

I adore braids.


L said...

This is awesome!! Will totally have to try it as it is SO hot this summer!!!
Glad to have found your blog!
Much Love,

Julia D. said...

I wish I knew how to french braid (there's only so much a video tutorial can help) so I could do this, it's so cute!

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