Endless Summer: Try Something New!

Hey there! I'm Lisa from L!$@'s Life.

I've been lucky enough to have done a bit of travelling in my 21 years. 

I've been to:
The US, Canada, Thailand, Malaysia, China, New Zealand and Japan.
Each offering a unique experience.

The best thing about going on holiday though is getting away from the usual routine and trying something new. 
Something I have come to like trying in new places is food. 

When I went to Japan last year I was actually a little adventurous when it came to food. Something I wouldn't normally be like. 

Here are just some of the foods I tried:

Carbonara, rice, egg with bokchoy and some sort of soup stuff

Strawberry snowman donut

Teriyaki Chicken

Tenpura pumpkin and potatoes

Strawberry mochi

やきそば with Octopus and Chicken

オムライス - Omelette rice

シュウクリム - Shu Creme

ラムネ and I think like Creme Brulee 
I've had some very good and absolutely terrible food from around the world. 
Including こんにゃく, a jellified plant sliced thinly and nearly puked.
What I've learnt is that trying new things is good...and you never know what you might get :D

So the next time you go away, try a new food...and see what's out there! 


maryl said...

Wow you are so adventurous. You inspire us to be more daring with travel destinations and cuisine. Bravo for you! Keep on exploring and sharing your interesting experiences.

Unknown said...

i always play it a bit safe with food but my husband gets me to try lots of things because he is way more adventurous--and although i may not have liked it all when you find something really good it is amazing :)

Julia D. said...

I totally agree. Go big or go home. The point of traveling is to expand your horizons by immersing yourself in a different viewpoint, and growing from that experience. In my opinion,

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