Summer Outfits: The Adventurer

Just the outfit for a day of exploring and fun. Geared for a bit of a cooler climate and a relaxed atmosphere with:
1. Colored Pocketed Vest: This is such a great color for summer, and it is perfect a day of adventure
2. The striped tee: another great classic; a light and airy tee is great for comfort; the long sleeve can be substituted for a short sleeve if the weather calls for it. 
3. Skinny Jeans: make sure you pick a comfortable pair if you plan to be doing a lot of walking, sightseeing or hiking!
4. Hat: This sporty hat will shield your face from the sun and add a sporty touch to your outfit
5. Sunglasses: I love this rounded lens style; they are sporty and chic at the same time; a very transitional style
6. The backpack: a day of sightseeing calls for a backpack; this one has several pockets and lots of room. Cute and functional is the way to go!
7. Sneakers: You know what they say, "style over comfort", but with these colored ones, you can have both, plus they are a cheery addition to this fun outfit
8. Wrap Bracelet: bright and simple for and extra pop of color without being a nuisance to the busy traveler


kat said...

I love the bracelet and backpack, where are they from?

Ramblings of a Redhead said...

Love this! Such a great outfit!

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